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Expression of Wishes

An Expression of Wishes is a confidential document which can be drawn up to accompany your Will.

Expression of Wishes

An Expression of Wishes is a document which you can draw up yourself. Unlike a Will the contents of this document is not legally binding, therefore meaning you cannot use this to distribute any parts of your estate — financial assets, cash, insurances, etc.

However, the Expression of Wishes can still be useful in certain circumstances.

An Expression of Wishes gives you an opportunity to explain your decisions in you Will for your executors and beneficiaries.

What Should I Include?

• funeral arrangements

• explanation of the distribution of your estate

• any gifts which were not distributed in your Will, this can include anything from books to family heirlooms

• suggestions on how you might want your beneficiaries to use their portion of your estate -

Please note that as your Expression of Wishes is not legally binding this can merely be suggestions.

Defend Your Estate

You may also want to use this document to explain any exclusions you have made in your Will.
This is important as it could be used to defend your estate in court.

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